Street Food
Fiesta 2019

Street Food Fiesta tours Finland from June to September and serves food, culture and music without borders! The event brings with it a big crowd of food vendors with their stalls to many cities around Finland.

Opening hours

Weekdays 10–20
Saturday 10–20
(Sunday 11–17)

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Delicious street food

Steet Food Fiesta has an abundant  selection of goods on offer. Whether you’re looking to eat delicious food on site, indulge your sweet tooth or to buy food to eat at home or to cook with this event is sure to deliver.

Kesän paras tapahtuma - ruokaa, kulttuuria ja musiikkia!
Kesän paras tapahtuma - ruokaa, kulttuuria ja musiikkia!

Street Art

Street Food Fiesta also has its own Stage with laid back and exciting programming daily. In the facinity of the stage there is a sitting area for relaxing and enjoying your Street Food. Music, culture and experiences and program for children can be seen on the Stage every day of the event.

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